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pain reprocessing coaching

be free from pain, and start living life again


what is prt?

Pain Reprocessing Therapy focuses on how the brain processes pain signals and how thoughts, emotions and behaviours affect pain. PRT uses techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience to retrain the brains response to pain. It helps change negative thoughts, regulate emotions and promote positive behaviours.

PRT helps to reduce pain signals for lasting relief, empowering you to take back control of your life again.


I offer a holistic approach to chronic pain, looking at the condition from every angle. From a neuroscientific perspective, as well as physical, emotional and situational.


Don't let pain define you any longer.

my specialisations

Pain reprocessing coaching has already helped so many. Let me help you too

back pain

nerve pain

hip pain

stress & tension


neck pain


my goal is to give everyone the chance to live a fulfilling and complete life because that's what everyone deserves

no exceptions

what clients say

"frankly without your guidance and the space that you provided, i would have been in a much darker place - maybe not even here anymore"


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